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Christmas Soap Ball

Christmas Soap Ball

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Natural Vegan Christmas Soap Ball.

Ingredients: Melt and Pour Vegetable Glycerin Soap Base, Mineral Micas, Eco-glitter, and a Phytalate-free Vanilla and Cinnamon Fragrance Oil Blend.

Phthalate-Free Fragrance. Paraben and SLS free

It does not contain parabens, silicones, lauryl sulfate, petrolatum, synthetic foaming agents, synthetic essences, synthetic dyes, ethanolamine, halogens, formaldehyde, artificial thickeners, preservatives, synthetic polymers, any raw material of animal origin or derived from animal cruelty.
All raw materials are of known origin and certified.

You can choose one of the two-sphere models according to the announcement.

The spheres are packed in transparent biodegradable polyolefin.
Accompanies kraft paper bag. The soaps are handmade and manually labeled. Because of this, slight variations may occur from one soap to the next. That also applies to the packaging and the availability of paper colors at the moment.



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